Ferenc Erki

independent IT consultant & advisor

Rapid advice

In a hurry? Bring a topic and get an expert advice through this no-nonsense fast track access to my 17+ years of experience.

Typical scenarios include small and urgent tasks, such as:

Book a session now for €150/1h, €280/2h, or €390/3h.

Expert on demand

I believe all organizations should have access to professional support on a regular basis regardless of their size or budget constraints, and even if their challenges do not warrant full-time engagement.

For those situations I offer reserving capacity in the following typical setups:

These arrangements include a reaction time within the next business day, and access to extra capacity subject to availability and surcharge. A progressive discount may apply for long-term, high-volume, and pay-in-advance orders.

Contact me now to discuss your own requirements.

PostgreSQL performance assessment

I solve reliability, performance, and cost challenges related to PostgreSQL. I worked with different hosting platforms including Heroku, Amazon RDS, and physical machines, while enabled growing databases beyond terabyte scale.

My evidence-based comprehensive approach identifies bottlenecks to create an actionable improvement plan – though I don’t solely deliver a final report with a checklist for you to address later.

I work together with your team during the process to open pull requests, tune configuration settings, and apply infrastructure changes. It enables benefiting from each improvement gradually, thus continuously acting on new data, while they also learn how to keep the database tidy on their own.

Such an assessment typically takes 2-4 weeks, and pricing starts at €8900.

Continuous delivery assessment

Continuous delivery improves software delivery processes across the board: faster cadence, higher quality, and better teamwork. No wonder most teams and managers wish to adopt this approach.

While some may think they won’t need anything else besides introducing a new service they like, they often surprised by the wide range of development aspects it affects: from organizing work items, through using a fitting version control strategy, to automating tests.

As both contributor to and signatory of Minimum Viable CD, I believe there’s a core set of practices required to start gaining the expected benefits while avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

I can assess your software delivery approach to identify gaps and improvement opportunities on your way towards adopting continuous delivery.

Such an assessment typically takes 2-4 weeks, and pricing starts at €8900.